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Space for Passionate Voices

1-2 days

Discussion / Group

Comprehend / Create


If students are to present an argument, then it needs to be well researched and informed by their own values and experiences. Important skills developed in this activity are critical thinking and informed decision making. The purpose here is for students to create a common understanding of the problems in fashion, standing up for ideas, taking sides and looking for role models.

How to raise your voice?

Links to Pillar(s)

Cultural - Economic - Environmental - Social


STEP 1: GROUPS (2-3 students)

Ask students to access an online blog or discussion forum and takes sides in the debate.

  • Who do you agree with (the most) and why?

  • Who do you disagree with (the most) and why?

  • What is your opinion?

  • What do you find most absurd?

STEP 2: GROUPS (2-3 students)

Students are now listening to the responses of another group. Based on these, ask students to make counter arguments.


Create a debate in class, where students are given the task to argue for or against a thematic issue.



Ask the groups to make an active campaign, event or shout out in the public sphere on the basis of their research and the debate in class.

This Activity Links To
  • Identify online blogs and discussion forums that can be used as basis for creating a debate. These should raise questions and debates on topics such as planetary boundaries, labour conditions, mass consumption, local versus global, animal leather versus synthetic leather.

Suggested Readings

Mazzarella, F., H. Storey & D. Williams 2019. Counter-narratives Towards Sustainability in Fashion. Scoping an Academic Discourse on Fashion Activism through a Case Study on the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, The Design Journal, 22:sup1, pp. 821-833 (for tutors).

von Busch, O. 2020. The Psychopolitics of Fashion: Conflict and Courage Under the Current State of Fashion. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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