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These guides seek to gather tutors together to consider change as a dual process taking place within themselves and within learners with whom they interact. The three elements are:


Ways of Being: Self-development in sustainability

A mutual learning process where two people come together to develop their own sense-making of sustainability via discussion, decision-making, and self-care.


Ways of Knowing: Fashion and sustainability related inquiry

A co-learning process based on a co-operative enquiry methodology, where a small group of people can come together to explore an area of shared enquiry through listening, reflecting, and taking action. 


Ways of Doing: Connecting self with wider change

The FashionSEEDS platform has been designed to offer a flexible route through content in order to support tutors in their interactions with learners. The platform is designed to be approached in multiple ways, thereby acting as a guide that can be referenced, adapted, tested, applied, and iterated.

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