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The FashionSEEDS Cards have been created to support and inspire fashion educators to adapt and design sustainability-oriented fashion courses. This new tool aims to reform, transform or complement the teaching and learning of fashion in higher education.

How to use the FashionSEEDS Cards

The FashionSEEDS Cards provide a curated selection of guidance, information and links to support tutors facilitating or designing courses, and to build their own personal expertise. The Cards have been designed for people with different backgrounds and they also take into consideration the pressures on teaching staff, most importantly the lack of time which is a common obstacle and experience across institutions.

The Cards are informed by the 4 pillars – Culture, Economy, Environment and Society. An additional card called the General Pillar has been added and it represents the convening of the four foundational pillars. The General Pillar introduces fashion design for sustainability through overarching topics. You can combine the Cards from the different levels according to your teaching and learning needs:

  • Level 1: Introductory


  • Level 2: Aims to deepen the understanding of the main discussions and discourses around sustainability within the current education system.


  • Level 3: Refers to experimental approaches or radical interventions that challenge and redefine education systems.

The Pillars and Scales of Transformation are visualised below. The levels become darker as you move towards the most transformative scale:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3






General Introductory Course on Sustainability

Learning From Cultures

Business Models and Sustainability

Fashion and Environment

Design for Social Innovation

Advanced Introductory Course on Sustainability

Innovation Through Craft

Design with Industry Perspectives

Fashion Matters

Design for Sustainable Transitions

Holistic Fashion Systems

Transcultural Design

Sustainable Business Transitions

Fashion Ecologies

Systemic Social Change

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