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Holistic Fashion Systems


Holistic Fashion Systems corresponds to the most experimental level of the transformation scale. It offers a reflection on a systemic view of the fashion and textile supply chain systems, including those of design, production, retail, use and disposal. Concepts such as waste reduction methods, circular services, circular design amongst others are discussed. At this stage, students consolidate their knowledge on chosen areas of interest and are able to outline their learning and professional journeys.

The aim here is to generate conceptual frameworks in design practice, with a specific interest in research-oriented design. Students are asked to offer theoretically-informed interventions in the field through products, systems, services and not restrict themselves to the conventional fashion collection outcome. We encourage that the course unit is shared with other disciplines to enable an exploration into the delivery and application of diverse models . This may include involving new technologies, informed decision making or running transdisciplinary projects.

  • Behavioural change

  • Bio design

  • Circular economy

  • Design intervention

  • Holistic systems

  • Posthumanism

Student’s Pre-Requisite Skills and Knowledge

Sustainable design theories and case studies; critical thinking

Learning Goals


Understand and address contemporary issues of sustainability on an advanced level, alternative approaches.


Circular design, systemic thinking, envisioning, cooperation.

Pedagogical Approaches

Informed decision making; ystemic and critical thinking

Key Resources
  • Benton, D., Hazell, J., Hill, J. (2014) The Guide to the Circular Economy. Capturing Value and Managing Material Risk. Published by Do Sustainability.

  • Botsman, R., Rogers, R. (2010) What´s mine is Yours. How collaborative consumption is changing the way we live. London: HarperCollinsPublishers (Part 1).

  • Irwin, Terry (2018) The Emerging Transition Design Approach. Proceedings from DRS conference 2018, Limerick. 

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