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FashionSEEDS has been designed with a range of tutors in mind – those that are new to considering sustainability in their teaching and learning, and those that are experienced or expert in their field. We have designed this as a resource that you can return to as your needs evolve. It can support and accompany you as you develop your role as a changemaker for fashion education. 

The Tutor’s Toolkit has been designed to support you to consider how to design fashion curricula that put nature and equity first. Sometimes this is a quick adaptation exercise, and other times it is a comprehensive course design exercise. This toolkit allows exploration for a range of curriculum design scenarios through the Course Designer, the Canvas, the Cards and the Learning Activity Tool

The Resources have been compiled and curated by the highly experienced FashionSEEDS team to underpin the practicalities of your work in teaching and learning. This is where you will review the theory behind the key terms used in FashionSEEDS (The Reader), access leading publications and references points on Fashion Design for Sustainability (Library), access a curated list of reviewed External Platforms, and find the FashionSEEDS project reports that have informed the creation of this site.  

Not sure where to start?

We've designed the Reader as a pocket book to guide you throughout your journeys across this platform. In addition take a look at these three personas to help identify what your needs might be as a tutor. 

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