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What are your needs as a fashion tutor? Why are you using the FashionSEEDS tools and resources? How can you make use of this platform to support your teaching practice? We have developed three hypothetical tutor personas to support you to understand how you might approach the tools and resources on this platform. Alongside the personas, there are a set of suggested user journeys.

Persona 1 is a fashion educator teaching in a university on undergraduate fashion design courses. They have been teaching practice-based fashion design for some years but have limited or no experience of teaching sustainability topics or techniques. There is strong interest in sustainability from students, but little institutional support. They would like to develop their knowledge and practice to be able to respond to the students’ needs and interests.

Persona 2 is a fashion educator who has a good knowledge of specific aspects or pillars of sustainability, however, would like to develop a more holistic and expanded outlook to inform their teaching and learning. This will be used to re-design an existing fashion course with sustainability issues and pedagogies embedded throughout. Sustainability is explored in their teaching every day. 

Persona 3 is a fashion educator who is very experienced in fashion and sustainability through both their personal fashion practice and the design and delivery of teaching and learning. They are using FashionSEEDS to update and consolidate their own knowledge and practice as an educator. They would like to design and deliver a new course with fashion design for sustainability as the starting point.

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