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General Introductory Course on Sustainability


The General Introduction introduces the 4 pillars of sustainability and presents the issues and challenges of contemporary design through a series of theoretical studies and practical activities. Relevant research and literature related to the different aspects of sustainability, including sustainable design, fashion design for sustainability, and theoretical approaches to business models amongst others are presented to the students. Through maker-based and written tasks (articles, essays, design projects) students will learn to navigate, analyse, map and discuss the relevant field, activating newly acquired knowledge which in turn will allow them to take on different perspectives of critical thinking and cultivate responsible attitudes within design processes.

  • 4 pillars

  • Basic human needs

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Critical thinking

  • Planetary boundaries

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Student’s Pre-Requisite Skills and Knowledge

No prerequisites required

Learning Goals


General understanding on fashion design for sustainability.


Understanding of the four pillars, critical thinking.

Pedagogical Approaches

Systemic thinking

Key Resources
  • Ceschin, F., Gaziulusoy, I. (2016) Evolution of design for sustainability: From product design to design for system innovation and transitions. Design Studies, 47, 118 – 163. Elsevier Ltd.

  • Ehrenfeld, J.R. (2005). The Roots of Sustainability. MIT Sloan Management Review.

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