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Design with Industry Perspectives


Design with Industry Perspectives considers the role of design, exploring ways to project sustainable product or service with industry perspectives.  In order to positively affect business models the unit encourages critical thinking in relation to the Fashion industry’s supply chain, identifying small, measurable opportunities to design for circularity with a long-lasting and re-generative approach. Defined as a studio-based workshop with a real business case and a tangible brief, students explore sustainable transformations for fashion companies and are encouraged to consider real-life circular challenges.

Companies may already be aligned with corporate sustainable approaches or seek transition and co-learning options in the process of change. Based on skills, knowledge, techniques and tools obtained in Business Model and Sustainability, the second level of the pillar includes topics such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), supply chain traceability, certifications, relocation and reshoring and the responsibility of a brand. Possible outcomes may include the application of multi-functionality, trans-seasonality, transformability, zero-waste, upcycling, recycling, designing for longevity, working with certifications etc for design studio projects. Design critics from an industry representative are recommended to ensure continuous correspondence with “real life” situations.

  • Collaborating with industry

  • Corporate transition

  • Product Life Management

  • Supply chain traceability

Student’s Pre-Requisite Skills and Knowledge

Overview of sustainable business models; critical thinking; elementary design processes

Learning Goals


Understand the enablers and constraints in sustainable production, informed decision making, circular design, decode company's values.


Challenge solving, design sustainable products on an industrial scale.

Pedagogical Approaches

Informed decision making; systemic thinking; learning through making

Key Resources
  • Gwilt, A., Payne, A., Rüthschilling, E. (eds): Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion. Bloomsbury 2019.

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