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Advanced Introductory Course on Sustainability


The Advanced Introductory Course is research-oriented and aims to deepen the understanding of the main discourses around sustainability. Taking the four pillars as the foundation for debate from a systemic viewpoint. The Advanced Introduction takes advantage of fashion’s concern with statement making to develop further critical perspectives on sustainability concepts. Throughout students identify specific scopes of interest and are able to define their learning journey within fashion and sustainability.

Students are introduced to relevant sustainability theories, research approaches (e.g. design for behaviour change, research through design) and research methods (e.g. design interventions, applied ethnographies) and discusses the impacts of knowledge dissemination. The outcomes includes critical work in groups that contain both design practice, and critical writing in the form of exploratory short papers and/or design projects.

When implemented at a more advanced level, such as within a Master’s programme, it is encouraged that the course unit is shared with other programmes or departments to foster collaborative opportunities.

  • Behaviour change

  • Critical thinking

  • Design ethnographies

  • Design interventions

  • Research through design

Student’s Pre-Requisite Skills and Knowledge

4 pillars of sustainability, sustainable design

Learning Goals


Academic and practice-based design research methods, deepened insight to discourses and concepts of sustainability in fashion.


Sustainability discourses, critical thinking, basic knowledge on academic writing.

Pedagogical Approaches

Informed decision making, critical thinking, systemic thinking

Key Resources
  • Krogh, P.K. and Koskinen, I. (2020) Drifting by Intention: Four epistemic traditions from within constructive design research. Springer.

  • Saint-Pierre, L. (2019) Design and Nature: a History. in Fletcher, K. and Saint-Pierre, L. (2019) Design and Nature: A Partnership. London: Earthscan.

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