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Circle Economy

What is it?

Circle Economy is a consultancy helping businesses, cities, and nations to identify opportunities for transition to a circular economy. It is also a knowledge platform with reports, tools and business cases concerning practical and scalable solutions to prevent and reduce waste.

Focus on ‘creating the conditions for systemic transformation’ within: Textile, Finance, Built Environment, Capital Equipment, Circular Jobs, Metrics for Circularity, Data and Design for Circularity.

A not-for-profit organization that partially relies on the support of philanthropic partners, founded by Robert-Jan van Ogtrop in 2010 and based in Amsterdam.

Platform overview
  • Key Elements of the Circular Economy introduce eight elements of circularity each linking to a knowledge hub and cases. The elements can be applied at different intervention levels (e.g. national, regional, sector, business, product, process, or material).

  • Circular Product Design Framework holds strategies for creating technical products that last, clustered into four groups: Design for reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recyclability.

  • Circle Textile Program (CTP) presents projects with focus areas of textile-to-textile recycling, circular business models, design for cyclability, technology assessments, and circular infrastructure developments.

  • Circular Toolbox is a step-by-step guide for apparel brands looking to explore resale and rental.

  • Knowlegde Hub holds case studies and reports and new content is constantly added. Use the search function to explore fashion or textile.

  • Relevant for teaching design for circularity. The toolbox supports understanding circular business models as a means to decrease consumption.

  • Target Group: Industry, Designers, Organizations, Politicians, Tutors and Students

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Environmental – Climate change

  • Economic – Circular economy

  • Social – Supply chain transparency, Fair labor, Human resources

Activity proposals
  • No activities developed by FashionSEEDS

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