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Close the Loop

What is it?
  • Close the Loop is an online platform with various materials such as tools, guidelines, strategies, cases and further information. Close the Loop encourage the industry to steer clear of a linear system (take-make-waste) and to embrace a more circular approach.

  • Focus on the triple P bottom line People, Planet, Profit and fashion entrepreneurs.

  • Developed by Flanders District of Creativity NGO in collaboration with Circular Flanders and supported by The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM), CSR Flanders and MAD (a hub for the creative fashion and design sectors).

Platform overview
  • The Loop is split in 6 phases: Resources, Design, Production, Retail, Consumption and End of Life. Each section presents Strategies, Cases, Tips & Tricks with further information. 

  • The Planner provides companies with a simple framework for getting an overview of how far the company is in implementing the strategies.

  • Cases contain 240 companies with hyperlinks to The Loop and its phases represented in each case.

  • Useful for planning and teaching courses about circular economy and entrepreneur ship. Cover the whole value chain, provide cases linking to a commercial context as well as including issues of use and end of life. Simple to navigate with good search function.

  • Target Group: Entrepreneurs, Designers, Companies, Students and Tutors

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Environmental: All content

  • Economic: Retail – new business models

  • Social: Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Cultural: Consumption

Activity proposals
  • Exploring Material Parameters

  • Recycling Facility

  • Designing the Label Before the Clothes

  • Shopping Experience

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