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Fashion Revolution

What is it?
  • Fashion Revolution is an online platform and blog for an activist movement that aims “to bring actors across the whole value chain together from farmer to consumer in order to transform the industry.” A wealth of resources such as the yearly critical industry report Fashion Transparency Index, teaching and campaign materials as text, videos and podcasts.

  • Focus on people over growth and profit, working conditions, living wages, workers right to organise, conserving and restoring the environment.

  • NGO, global activist movement founded in 2013 by Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro as a reaction to the Rana Plaza accident in Bangladesh, where more than 1100 workers died.

Platform overview
  • Front page categories: About, Manifesto, Events, Take Action, Blog, Resources and Donate.

  • Resources offer podcasts, videos and free downloads: Educational Materials such as campaign assets, booklets, the annual report Fashion Transparency Index Industry /Brand Reports, How to guides, 

  • Garment Workers Diaries Stories is a series of podcasts. 

  • Tutors can use the critical, trustworthy information and academic references to introduce and discuss issues related to ethical fashion, production and supply chain. Well suited for student group discussions.

  • Target Groups: Students, Tutors, Industry, Designers, Activists, Users.

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Social: ‘The Garment Worker Diaries ‘, ‘Clothes Swap’ encourages social engagement.

  • Cultural: ‘fashion respects culture and heritage, fosters skills and craftsmanship.’

  • Environmental: How clothes shed microplastic and introduce a guide to an action plan.

  • Economic: ‘Money Fashion Power’ how purchasing power can make a positive difference.

Activity proposals
  • Letter of Concern

  • Ideology Manifesto

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