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FutureLearn: Fashion and Sustainability

What is it?
  • FutureLearn's Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World is 6-week online course described as an introduction to issues, agendas and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability in a changing world. Each week focus on different aspects of Luxury Fashion and Sustainability. The course is free of charge but only available at particular times of the year. A print and digital Certificate of Achievements can be acquired for a fee ($54).

  • Focus on Luxury Fashion in a holistic perspective.

  • The course is provided on the Futurelearn platform and developed by London College of Fashion in collaboration with Kering Group.

Platform overview
  • The online course offers a consecutive series of activities using different media such as articles, videos, discussions and audio.

  • Each activity comes with an introduction text connected to other media e.g. a video, an audio recording and/or attached files to be read.

  • The weekly themes are: Why Sustainability in Fashion?, Contextualizing Sustainability for a Changing World, Material Dimensions, Informed Decision Making: tools and methods, Creative Possibilities, and Creative Realisation.

  • The course is relevant for tutors and students seeking knowledge about design for sustainability within the luxury segment. It holds informative, discussing and creative elements, which allow for different levels of interaction and engagement such as the ‘Activity’ option, where comments from all participants in the course appear and where other participants can be ‘followed’.

  • Target Group: Students, Designers, Tutors

How it connects to the Pillars
  • This course touches all four pillars e.g. through the question “What are the agendas that affect sustainability? That is explored through ‘Social, Economic, Ecological and Cultural agendas and their context for fashion and sustainability.’

Activity proposals

The course itself offers multiple different learning formats and activities. Other courses offered by FutureLearn:

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