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Gain Power

What is it?
  • Gain Power is a toolkit and booklet developed for students and designers to understand business and organisational contexts to increase sustainable circular practice. The toolkit assists making sustainable priorities and decisions within systems, services and products as well as to understand the value chain and identify the designer’s role.

  • Focus on understanding different business models building on design thinking, the SDG’s and Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit).

  • Developed by Design School Kolding, Lab for Sustainability published 2018.

Platform overview
  • The booklet gives an introduction to 8 tools and describes the theoretical knowledge they build on. Each of the tools include templates for exercises and a step-by-step explanation of how to use them. All material available free of charge, download as pdf.

  • The eight tools: Business Model Canvas, Stakeholder Map, Value Identification, Past and Future Ruler, Assessment Tool, Designed Value Chain, Product Development Tool, and Collection Tool.

  • The booklet covers: UN Sustainable Development Goals, Triple Bottom Line and the 6C Model

  • The toolkit supports teaching and learning design for sustainability through exercises based on a design thinking mindset. It contains templates and a user-friendly step-by-step guide providing tutors with ‘ready to go’ materials.

  • Target Group: Tutors, Students, Designers, Industry

How it connects to the Pillars

Although mainly focused on the economic pillar, Gain Power also covers the other pillars as the SDGs and Triple Bottom Line are part of the toolkit background:

  • Economic

  • Environmental

  • Social

  • Cultural

Activity proposals
  • Framing Sustainable Change in a Company

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