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Make Fashion Circular

What is it?
  • Make Fashion Circular is an online platform that is connected to the Circular Design Guide which offers a comprehensive suite of interdisciplinary training tools for implementing circular design principles in general.

  • Focus is on "a total shift of mindsets in design" in order to create a new textiles economy bringing together leaders from across the fashion industry, including brands, cities, philanthropists, NGOs and innovators.

  • Developed by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation an independent charity NGO working across three interlinking areas education, buiness innovation and analytics to accelerate the  transition to a circular economy.

Platform overview
  • Make Fashion Circular: 1) Overview 2) Participants 3) Report 4) The Jeans Redesign 5) Fashion Show. Report and guidelines can be downloaded as pdf.

  • The report, A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future (2017) presents scientific research that “identifies the fashion industry’s current take-make-dispose model as the root cause of its environmental problems and economic value loss.”

  • The Redesign Jeans is a guide supporting brands, manufacturers and fabric mills to work on closed loop solutions and eliminate waste.

  • The Fashion Show is a series of videos featuring the Make Fashion Circular team as well as guest speakers from across the fashion industry.

  • The platform is relevant to learn about textile production and the value chain, design for circularity and how industry works on transformation through circular systems thinking.

  • Target group: Industry, Designers, Tutors, Students.

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Environmental: Introduces “closed loops”

  • Economy: Incorporates “circular business model”

Activity proposals
  • Identifying Circular Loops

  • Materials Origin and Functions

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