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Nike Circular Design Guide

What is it?
  • Nike Circular Design Guide is online platform with educational tools, cases and videos introducing 10 principles to design for circularity and how they can be applied in the fashion, textile and footwear industry.

  • Focus on materials and creating ‘products that last longer and are designed with the end in mind.’

  • Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design was developed by Nike Inc. in collaboration with students and staff of Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, with inspiration from Global Fashion Agenda, and insights from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Launched in 2019.

Platform overview
  • The platform presents downloadable PDF files of a Workbook and Mini Guide to 10 Principles of Circular Design: 01. Material Choice, 02. Cyclability, 03. Waste Avoidance, 04. Disassembly, 05. Green Chemistry, 06. Refurbishment, 07. Versatility, 08. Durability, 09. Circular Packaging, 10. New Models.

  • Workbook includes teaching material e.g. design briefs and templates, company cases, links to literature and tools developed by other organisations and HEIs.

  • Each of the principles are described with a short tagline along with short videos related to design for sustainability, materials and chemistry at Nike, a quote from an employee within the Nike brand, Thought Starters, Case Studies, and Inspiration.

  • The platform is relevant as an example of how a global company has chosen to share their knowledge and efforts on design for sustainability. The Thought Starters of each principle are recommended as a starting point for discussions in the classroom about production, transparency and industry approaches to design for sustainability.

  • Target group: Designers, Students, Tutors.

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Environmental: Material and production impact, closed loop

  • Economic: New business models

  • Social and Cultural: ‘Versatility’ emphasizes ‘adjust or break the boundaries of use established by society or culture including gender issues.’

Activity proposals
  • No activities have been developed by FashionSEEDS, since the educational material on the platform is rich.

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