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The Global Fashion Agenda

What is it?
  • The Global Fashion Agenda platform holds a wealth of open source information about and for the industry. Here we feature the section circular actions with reports and toolboxes.

  • Focus on global perspectives GFA “consider brands and retailers at the core of securing comprehensive change and increasing the industry’s sustainability performance across the value chain to ensure that sustainability is a strategic priority.

  • GFA is a non-profit initiative collaborating with strategic partners and anchored around the Copenhagen Fashion Summit (CFS).

Platform overview
  • The Global Fashion Agenda platform main menu: Latest News, Design Studio, Innovation Forum, Circular Fashion Partnership, Policy & Advocacy, Reports & Toolboxes, CFS.

  • Commitment Status Report, Pulse of the Industry, Fashion on Climate, Policy & Advocacy and can be downloaded as pdf files. Videos from Copenhagen Fashion Summit are in CFS.

  • The 4 toolboxes: Circular Design, Garment Collection, Resale, Textile Recycling, have the same structure: Introduction, Getting Informed, Strategy, Implementation, Evaluation, The Road Ahead, and Additional Resources. They can be downloaded as pdf files.

  • The toolboxes are developed from a business perspective and relevant as teaching material for students to become aware of the many stakeholders to engage with when developing a given business model and strategy for sustainable actions.

  • Target Group: Industry, Brands, Retailers, Designers, Students, Tutors

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Environmental: Introduces recycling, life cycle assessment and choices of materials

  • Economic: Business development, circular business models, business understanding, including logistics and marketing

  • Social: Challenging social justice

Activity proposals
  • Identifying Circular Loops

  • Aesthetic Surgery

  • Recycling Facility

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