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The Sustainable Design Cards

What is it?
  • The Sustainable Design Cards is a design tool in the form of 28 method cards with guidelines on how to use them. They can be used by individuals, to facilitate teamwork in fashion and textile design as well as across other disciplines. From the online platform they can be downloaded for free or purchased in a printed version.

  • Focus on design in practice, product longevity and circular thinking in a holistic perspective.

  • Developed at Design School Kolding, Denmark by Karen Marie Hasling, Lotte Hahn Kofoed & Ulla Ræbild, published in 2018.

Platform overview
  • Cards and Categories presents the 28 Sustainable Design Cards organised in 6 categories:

  • 1) Design and Concept 2) Disposal and Recovery 3) Materials 4) Production 5) Transport and Retail 6) User and Practice.

  • Using the Cards introduces 3 ways to use the cards: to inspire, to mediate knowledge and values in multidisciplinary teams and to reflect and create analytical awareness.

  • Literature lists general references on methods use and sustainable design.

  • The layout of the cards is a combination for text, icons and graphic representations.

  • The Sustainable Design Compass on one side shows how the individual card is positioned in relation to three overall design approaches: 1) Technical, 2) Functional, 3) Emotional.

  • The Fact Side describes: 1) What, 2) Why, 3) Challenges, 4) Examples, 5) Card Links to 6) Further Readings.

  • This tool facilitates collaboration and supports FashionSEEDS pedagogical principles. The cards can be used to discuss the 4 pillars and invite deeper reflections through further reading. The cards also encourage students to use them in their own ways and the concept is open to creating additional cards.

  • Target group: Students, Tutors, Independent Designers, Design Teams

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Using the search function you find cards referring to all 4 pillars e.g:

  • Environmental: Environmentally friendly materials

  • Economic: Rental Service and Customisation

  • Social: Ethical Supply Chain card

  • Cultural: Production on Demand

Activity proposals
  • Concepts Based on Sustainability Approaches

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