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The Sustainable Fashion Toolkit

What is it?
  • The Sustainable Fashion Toolkit brings together hundreds of resources in an online platform forming a digital library where new material is constantly added. The information is grouped in categories and stages related to making a Sustainable Fashion Action Plan.

  • Focus on ‘making resources that already exist accessible and easy to use.’

  • Developed by the Canadian non-profit organization, Fashion Takes Action in collaboration with PwC a private global consultancy.

Platform overview
  • The Toolkit is structured in two learning sections, one with eight categories the other with five stages for making a Sustainable Fashion Action Plan.

  • Learn by Category: 1) Chemicals, 2) Climate Change, 3) Circular Economy, 4) Labour, 5) Materials, 6) Sustainable Development Goals, 7) Supply Chain Transparency, 8) Water.

  • Learn by Stage: 1) Define, 2) Plan, 3) Implement, 4) Monitor, 5) Report.

  • All resources are presented by an image and outlined with: Author, Title, Year, Description of why the resource is useful, Resource Type and Resource Link. A short description of the category or stage is given for each resource entry.

  • The toolkit is relevant for tutors teaching fashion and textile design for sustainability in a global supply chain perspective. It is a comprehensive library of mainly reports authored by Business organisations, International organisations, Governmental initiatives and private / public NGO’s. The architecture of the platform is straightforward, easy to navigate and the search function a nice feature.

  • Target Group: Industry, Designers, Organizations, Students, Tutors

How it connects to the Pillars
  • Covers all 4 pillars, however most resources are related to the Environmental. Using the filter function leads to resources with links. Some resources are repeated in different categories.

  • Environmental – Chemicals, Climate change, Materials, Water

  • Economic – Circular Economy

  • Culture – SDG’s, Labour

  • Social – Supply Chain, Labour

Activity proposals
  • No activity has been developed in FashionSEEDS, but we recommend to introduce the platform to students as a library that is updated regularly.

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