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In 2020, Condé Nast launched the Sustainable Fashion Glossary, in partnership with UAL’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. It is the first global resource on sustainable fashion and the industry’s role in the climate emergency.


The Sustainable Fashion Glossary by Condé Nast is:


  • An easy-to-use guide, divided into categories which relate to sustainability in fashion: its cultures, materials, production, buying habits and care practices.

  • Written with over 250 terms, fully referenced for further reading.

  • Broken down into four key themes: climate emergency; environmental impacts of fashion; social, cultural and economic impacts of fashion, and key elements of fashion and sustainability, plus 10 sub-themes that cover must-know aspects of fashion and sustainability.

  • Regularly updated with new definitions to reflect the evolving debates about climate emergency, fashion, and societal change.


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